Other Considerations

  • Platform issues: Converting documents from Mac to PC or vice versa can be done but may lead to problems with fonts.
  • Hard-copy: Always provide a “to-size” printout of your document. That way the prepress operator knows what he can expect from your file. Mark any last-minute changes clearly on this proof if there is no time for you to create updated printouts.
  • File format: There are a number of ways in which you can exchange your document with us:
    1. As a native file: just send your XPress, PageMaker or whatever file and don’t forget to include all images and fonts. Try to avoid mixing different versions of QuarkXPress. If an XPress 3.3x document is opened in XPress 4.04, things like overprints may disappear. Opening XPress 4.04 documents in XPress 3 can cause text reflows and problems if the newest features of XPress 4 were used.
    2. As a PostScript file: In this case you are responsible for the creation of the PostScript data as well as their content. We cannot easily fix a mistakes though if you use this format.
    3. As a PDF file: This is more practical than the use of PostScript but you have to be aware of the proper procedure to create PDF files. We will be happy to proof-print your PDF as a test for a nominal fee.
    4. Using another format like TIFF/IT P1, CT/LW,…
  • File inclusion: If you supply native XPress,… files to your service bureau, you should include all the files with your job. Don’t forget any fonts or images. Provide all the fonts: We may have the font named like yours, but it could be slightly different type or from a different manufacturer. This can lead to text rewraps. Please include instructions when you have made custom modifications to fonts.
  • Garbage: Whatever you do, PLEASE do not include superfluous material in the data you send us… We worry about stuff like that. We are never sure if the file is supposed to be in the document or not, so if the ZIP you send contains some old files that you no longer need, please delete them!
  • Copy of files: Never give us the only copy of your files. We are careful, but things can happen to magnetic media.
  • Responsibility: Never assume that we can or will read your document for punctuation, grammer and spelling errors. If there are typos in your files, we will leave them untouched because we are not “all-knowing” in every field.
  • Media: Make sure you use media is something that we can read. There are various types of MO (optical) drives on the market, two different kinds of ZIP disks, two capacities of JAZ-drives. Never invest in removable media that have not yet been on the market for a year. CDR is cheap and has lots of room for most files…
  • Label disks: Always label your removable media with your name and contact information. Sending an unlabeled disk is the best way to help us lose your work.