About Us

The way we see it, there are basically three kinds of printers. There are printers who specialize in exotic, sophisticated projects; the really big stuff. Other printers specialize in the everyday things; the not-so-glamorous sort of printing everybody needs on a regular basis. Then there’s a third kind of printer… He’s the guy who says he can print anything, then tries to learn how on your project. He gives our business a bad name. We’re the second kind of printer. We like printing the kinds of things you need and use on a daily basis. We like to think of what we do as the “meat and potatoes” of printing. Think of us as your meat and potatoes printer. After doing this kind of printing, day after day, year after year, we’ve gotten really good at it. And isn’t that what you want? So what makes up the meat and potatoes of printing?

Here’s our menu:

Business Cards * LETTERHEADS * Envelopes * CARBONLESS BUSINESS FORMS * Doorknob Hangers * NEWSLETTERS * Booklets * BROCHURES (INCLUDING 4-COLOR PROCESS) * Computer and Voucher Checks * INVITATIONS * Labels * CONTINUOUS FORMS

Presentation Folders * CATALOGS * Post Cards and Direct Mailers * T-SHIRTS, HATS AND JOGGING SUITS * Vinyl Labels * PARKING DECALS AND PERMITS The things you use every day. We do it well. We do it on time. And we do it for a fair price.