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If you create your own files for Printing

You have finally created the ultimate document! It looks simply wonderful on your screen and it printed just fine on your laserprinter. Sadly though, that does not mean that a service bureau or printer can be as enthusiastic about this creation as you are. We could encounter a lot of difficulties because of things you forgot, did not communicate or did not know about. In fact, research at RIT has stated that up to 78% of all files provided by customers to print service providers are not ready to print.

Included below is a collection of tips and tricks for designers. A lot of this stuff is either basic prepress know-how or simple common sense. It is a good idea to talk with us BEFORE starting a big project. We will be more than willing to help you avoid making costly mistakes and may even offer ideas to give your job that special look or feel.

These are the subjects that are covered in this article: