Delivering files for output

  • File formats: Save your images in either TIFF or EPS. Avoid other formats like PICT, GIF or BMP.
  • Rotation: Try not to rotate line art images in a layout application if you still use a PostScript level 1 RIP. This can slow down the RIP a lot.
  • Resolution: Make sure images have the correct size and resolution while scanning them. The final resolution of bitmaps should be somewhere between 800 and 1200 dpi. So if you scan a logo and want to enlarge it 300 percent in the layout application, it should be scanned at 2400 to 3600 dpi. For output on digital presses, a resolution of 600 dpi is often sufficient.
  • Size: Never enlarge images more than 20 percent in your layout application. It will reduce the resolution of the images and lead to an effect called staircasing.